Jumpin Jammin January

It is a well known fact that if you get a start on your January bookings now you can have a Jumpin and JAMMIN January.

With the holidays impeading a bit on parties, many direct sellers have success booking in advance. After you take a few days off for Christmas and New Years, you can be totally ready for January and into Febuary by working hard this month.

Don’t let the holiday season lull you into no work for January. Get your specials lined up then get on the phone. Set yourself a goal of how many bookings to get and don’t stop until you have them. Ask for referrals as well. You can do it!!

1 thought on “Jumpin Jammin January

  1. You are absolutely right Chris, it is really important to keep working or net-working over the holidays. So many people take the whole month off and then do not start the New Year until February as a result of that. It is called net-working not net-sitting, net-eating or net-watching TV! Thanks for all the great tips and support for direct sales professionals.

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