Valentines Day Sales

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!! Wasn’t New Year’s just last week?

Well with 3 weeks to go until Valentine’s Day, why not spoil your customer a bit? For some Direct Sellers it can be a big sales event for your business. So why not make it into one if it isn’t already a day you are geared up for?

Some direct sellers create gift baskets and market them to men. Who
better to create a gift for a woman than someone who knows what women like? The opposite is true as well. If your company has products
geared to men, get something together for the women who need some
ideas. For the single women, well, we always need an excuse to buy
ourselves a nice gift, don’t we??

I used to have a progressive sale on Valentine’s Day and it was always so much fun! If you have early riser’s, they can benefit from the best savings. Throw in a special gift at certain times of the day and change the discounts at different times as well, so everyone gets a deal.

This was the one main sale I had each year, besides a once a year clearance, and it was my gift to my customers.

You still have time to get something together for your clients. Make it fun and exciting and be creative too. I know your customers will appreciate and thank you for it.

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