Planning and prep

It has been a few weeks since I have posted. I cannot believe how time flies. Since my acceptance of a new position, my extra time has been very limited. But now that I have settled into a routine, such as it is, I will get to posting more tips and info for you sales junkies.

One thing that I have realized lately, is that organization is soooo important in the sales world. Prepping ahead of time so that you are ready to talk to any client about any product is the key to success and building your sales. This is especially true if your organization has brought out new products.

Take the time to sit down and learn about the product; create files, if necessary, about the benefits and usage of the products that you can pull out and be ready to talk about the product at any time.

Your knowledge about the products relects your confidence in yourself, your business and the product that you are selling. Customers key in on that and recognize a snow job if you try and wing it. They may not be confident enough in you to purchase that product they are asking about. Don’t lose a sale to lack of planning and learning. There are customers ready to buy at any moment. The question is, are you ready to sell at any moment?


3 thoughts on “Planning and prep

  1. I totally agree Chris! I often see people go out right away trying to sell their products (I am talking about day one) and then didn’t take out the time to educate themselves about them and then looked like bumbling fools. You really need to PREPARE first!

  2. This is so true. You need to be ready with your message about your products wherever you are and that means great preparation and knowing everything about your products. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ding, I have nominated your blog for the attitude of gratitude award and I hope you will accept this special honor.

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