Selling in a tough economy

Sure the economy is tough, but giving up is not an option!

I know that sometimes it feels like it would be easier to go back and work for “the man” but honestly, would it work for you?

You know what they say. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And that is what you need to do with your business.

Here is the facts. People are still shopping and spending money. But they are spending it on things with VALUE attached. Something that will give them or bring them something in the long run.

So your selling tip for today is to make sure you are selling with Value in mind. Selling with the Benefits in mind. This will never change. People buy benefits and value and especially now. So look at how you are presenting and selling your product.

What value can you bring to the customer? What are the benefits of the product? That is what you need to be selling. Think about it and tweak your presention.

1 thought on “Selling in a tough economy

  1. Great points. One of the great things about a recession is how it filters out all the crap, and makes way for the truly valuable.


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