Motivation = Sales

It is easy to cry the blues about your lack of sales and blame it on the economy, the weather, your husband, your dog. But let’s face reality. If you are not motivated to sell and do whatever it takes to make a sale, then who can you truely blame?

Last year it may have taken 2 or 3 new customer calls or inquiries to get a new sale. This year, we are looking at 6, 8, 10 or more. Sure it is easy to lose faith and get discouraged.

Can you honestly say that you are doing everything you can to find new customers?
Are you passing out more books than you usually do?
Are you making those customer care calls?
Are you actively marketing yourself and your business daily both online and offline?
Are you being too passive or are you agressively seeking your new and regular clients?
Are you actively advertising your business?

More contact may be what is needed. Try upping the amount of touches you make to your customers. If you send a newsletter 2 times a month, try 3 times. If you only leave 1 message for your potential booking to call you back, make it 2 or 3 messages. Or better yet, no messages at all. Talk to her in person.

Work on your closing skills so that when you do get in front of your client or customer, you will close the sale.

Follow Up – Follow Up – Follow Up!

Motivation is Action and Action = Sales therefore motivation = sales.

Are you honestly motivated and taking enough action to Grow your business? You Can Do It! No Excuses Now!!

2 thoughts on “Motivation = Sales

  1. Excellent information!
    So many people aren’t motivated then they put blame on the company or the economy or any other excuse when they just need to be motivated!!!!

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