Make a Holiday a special day for your customers

Since this is Memorial Day weekend, it is a great time to remember
our customers in a special way.

Give them a call and do a check up on your service last time. Ask
how they are enjoying your products and if they need help with them.

You could create a special sale to treat them to their favorite items. You can also add a small thank you gift to put into their next order.

Sending a thank you card for being my special customer is a nice treat as well. Who doesn’t love getting thank you cards? I save the ones I get and read them when I need a pick me up.

Remembering those that make your business possible is a great way
to grow your business through referrals and loyalty.

Try it this week!

2 thoughts on “Make a Holiday a special day for your customers

  1. I usually send ecards or put a little something extra in orders along with a quick ‘thank you’ written on invoices at holidays.

  2. Holidays are an excellent opportunity to touch your potential clients or customers. If you will contact your leads every three months, and on holidays, you will be very successful!

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