Feeling stagnant in your DS business?

I have gotten so many fresh ideas and different points of view this week while researching a DS business. I feel rejuvenated! Is this going to help my own business and even this blog and weekly tips? You betcha!

You know the feeling. We do the same thing day in and day out. Heck we could even do it in our sleep and sometimes we get stagnant. If we are feeling that way, do you think our customer and hostess are feeling it too?

I say its time to shake things up a bit! Do some research this week on a different company, not to join, but just to see what others are doing. If you pick up a morsel or two on differentiating your business from everyone else and stirring up your own party and presentation, then more power to you!

Remember excitement is contagious! If you are excited about your business, your product and yourself, then you customers will be too. You really can tell the difference and your checkbook can tell the difference as well!

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