DS and Fundraising – What IS a Fundraiser?

What IS a Fundraiser?

If you are new to Direct Sales, you may hear a lot about Fundraising, but not find a lot of information as to what it really is. Well, I am here to clear up the mystique for you!

Fundraising is an event in which a charitable organization is identified to receive fund that are raised specifically for that charity, non profit group or select individual(s). In terms of Direct Sales, the donation to the charity comes out of the profit of the representative and the amount is identified ahead by way of a percentage donation or a flat amount.

Many Direct Sales companies offer fundraising to help their reps but that does not mean the company kicks in money. In Direct Sales, the representative is the donor of his or her profit from the sale of goods through her business. If the group has a non profit status and a valid non profit number, most companies will with hold taxes from the fundraiser shipment so the customer does not have to pay State sales tax on the product. If your state does not have sales tax, this will not apply to you. Make sure to check with your company ahead of time on their procedures. Most of them will have special shipping procedures and instructions.

So what is the Big Deal about fundraising anyway? Well for Direct Sellers it is an awesome way to find and keep customers; find potential partners and team members as well as making a difference in your community. If you do fundraising well and become well known for it, you can make a huge impact in your sales and your community. So give it a try! You never know what will come out of it!

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