Self Promotion in Direct Sales

Self Promotion in Direct Sales

One of the most frequent things I see as a leader or upline is the fact that someone will call me and say I have no sales! Of course you ask them, “Well what have you been doing?” And the answer 9 times out of 10 is “oh, I talked to my mom and her friends and I have gotten nothing.” “OK”, I say “what else have you done to promote yourself?” “UMMM, nothing. I pass out books but nothing happens!”

Here is problem number one…I pass out books and nothing happens. Ok, do you get the persons phone number and call them and ASK them for an order? Do you call them and just leave a reminder, “Hey my order is going in this weekend in case you need something!” Do you order extra books and pass them out like water? Do you make flyers and mail them out to everyone you know? Do you TREAT your business like a business?

Honestly, most of the time the answer is no. The most self defeating thing in our business is our self!! I will say it again. The most self defeating thing in our business is our self! WHY? Because we are afraid to promote OURSELVES! I have seen ladies hang their head and mumble while trying to push a book into someone’s hands. Would I order from someone like that? Probably NOT! I have seen ladies cringe at the thought of talking to a stranger at the grocery store. Be proud of your business! If you truly love your business, why are you ashamed to talk about it and shout it to anyone who will listen???

Stand up and say “I sell ___ and I LOVE my job!” Wear pins, carry books or business cards with you everywhere! Put stickers on your car; signs on your lawn; notices or biz cards in your mail; talk to the other moms; network locally; tell the world! You do not have a neon sign above your head that says you sell ___. So if you don’t promote it, who will???

Take a hard look at your business and how you act with it and see what you can do to improve yourself and your attitude about it. Everyday, work on improving your business visibility in your community and with other people, your potential customers. And remember, customer service and consistency is key! Then, watch your sales rise!

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3 thoughts on “Self Promotion in Direct Sales

  1. Chris, I find this to be so true! Ladies, be ready for business! It just takes being prepared, having your catalogues, knowing your calendar, especially your next two open dates, and having your 30-second info-mercial when someone asks you “what do you do?” Good article, Chris! Wishing you much success, Belinda

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Belinda. What a treat! I saw you a few yrs ago in Concord Ca and you were awesome, of course. I appreciate your comments. Best to you and your business! Chris

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