Selling Yourself Short

Selling Yourself Short

Many women that I run into seem to have this problem. I often wonder why some women are prone to undervalue their services and their own work. Why are we afraid to charge what we are worth?

What can you do to increase your self worth and get the price you deserve?

• Focus on your craft and your work. This increases your customers trust in your abilities
• Be the part – be professional at all times. Show yourself as a professional in your market. One way to do that is to
• Take classes and increase your training to be a valuable asset to your customer. Whether it is in sales seminars or web design, increasing your knowledge is worth the extra price you should be charging.

These things will increase your integrity and your pride in yourself and your work and it will show through. Never be ashamed. You don’t have to discount yourself to find your customers. Those customers that are truly worth your time and effort will come to you regardless of your price. If the lady down the block is discounting, do not apologize. Just keep your prices right where they are and show them the difference with your service and smile.

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