Dealing With That 5 Letter Word – SALES

Dealing With That 5 Letter Word – SALES

“I am not good at Promoting my Business.”

Have these words or something like it ever fallen out of your mouth? I have heard this time and time again out of a lot of women online and offline. It scares me in a sense that supposedly professional women are spending their valuable time and money to create a business and then they fall short in the execution of the business.

What can you do to overcome the Fear of Selling your business to the world?

First, know that No One can promote your business at the beginning better than you can. It was created out of your desires and dreams. You are molding this business into something creative and artistic that reflects you and your beliefs. So who better to develop your business than you?

Second, understand that when you talk to people, you are not asking them to do business with you personally. You are asking them to do business with your business. Does that make sense? It is not a Personal thing to that potential customer. Yes, it is personal to you, but you need to take away the emotions and ask for the business from your customers. They make respond in the negative. But they are not saying, “No, I cannot do business with you because I don’t like you.” They are saying, “I don’t need your goods and services at this moment in time.”

Third, with that said, continue asking for business from those that you have contacted prior. Situations change and there may be a time when it is right for the person to do business with you. Newsletters really help in this area as does advertising.

Fourth, talk to everyone. Learn to overcome speaking to strangers. Be enthusiastic. Use eye contact and presence. You can use booklets, flyers, business cards to help break the ice. Wearing shirts, purses or pins can help as well. Taking baby steps will grow into giant leaps.

Fifth, enjoy the journey to growth and development of your business! Continue talking to everyone and work on remembering their needs. Your business will become what you envision.

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Chris Carroll is a sales professional that has made direct sales her business of choice and enjoys sharing with others. You can sign up for tips on managing and increasing your business at her site DirectSalesTalk. You can also find her at her business site ShopOnYourSeat

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  1. Your discussion points are true and thoughtful. When finding sales or looking for sales, direct mail is still an affordable option for new business growth. A direct mail post card can direct prospects to your web page (if the search engine is weak) and the calls will come to you, if you’re procrastinating about making those COLD sales calls.

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