Using Customer Appreciation Days in Your Direct Sales Business

Using Customer Appreciation Days in Your Direct Sales Business

We talk a lot about customer service and how to make sure that your focus is on retaining customers and growing your business.. Using a one day function is an added benefit to your mission to Spoil the Customer!

There are so many ways you can easily and effectively spoil your customer. I am going to share a few ways with you.

• Have a Progressive Sale. Start your sales at 8am and offer a discount of say 30% from 8:00-9:00am. From 9:01-10:00 the discount goes to 25%. From 10:01–11:00 it drops to 20% and so on. You can run your sales anytime of the day; early, late, whatever works for you. I would caution you to only do this once per year as it can take a big chunk out of your profits. So make it a super special event and pick an obscure day to hold it each year so they can look forward to it, like St Pat’s day or the First Day of Spring.

• Do an Open House. Another special 1 day event that can really allow your customers to get to know you and spend one on one time with you. Offer specials deals, free gifts, basket drawings; whatever you like. Set up beautiful displays and let them browse new product lines and get to know your business. Offer cookies and coffee and sit and chat with them. By really getting to know your customer, you can offer them products to fit their needs in the future.

• Free Gift with Purchase. This can be a special Customer Service Week offer. “For all orders received the week of…. A free gift will be included with your order in appreciation for your loyalty. Thank you for being My Customer and friend” or something like that. This is a great tool to use as you will not be losing profits as much as you would with a progressive sale. Gifts to customers in the US up to a certain amount are allowed to be written off on your taxes. (check with your tax advisor as I am not one!)

• Big, Fat Clearance Sale. I love doing this one and usually do 2 a year. It allows me to lower my inventory and bring cash into my pocket. I usually do one over the holidays to lower my inventory for year end and one when I am feeling cash poor. It is amazing how much inventory we can accumulate over the year. I make a flyer with all of the inventory on it with the price and make it “first come first serve”. “Existing inventory only!” I mail it out first to my customers and then 1 day later put it out on the email addresses so they all get it about the same time. Make it a good deal and you can move some of this product out.

There are many, many more ideas that I am sure you can come up with but these are the ones I have effectively used in my business. By using one, two or all of these ideas and doing them each year, you will continue to cement your relationship with your customers. Keeping their support is key to your success. Enjoy!

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