Finding That First Fundraiser

Finding That First Fundraiser

Fundraisers are a unique opportunity to increase your business and credibility within your community. So how do you find your first fundraiser?

Well, that question has puzzled many of us as first strains of the idea for fundraising has crossed our brain waves. The most important thing you can do is to make sure you are prepared business wise for an event. Are you comfortable with your business and the company procedures? If you are new to your company or new to Direct Sales, do your research before booking your fundraiser. You want to be professional from the start and not seem unsure about company policies or shipping challenges or other factors that could hinder your fundraiser.

Once you are comfortable knowing everything you need to know, lets do some research! Start a list of everyone you know that is involved in an organization of some sort. Think of organizations like:

PTA/Parent Clubs
Swim Team
Day Camp
Vacation Bible School
Non Profit Organizations
Booster Clubs
Sport Groups
Dance Groups

These are just a few of the organizations that could use fundraising. Now get on the phone and call that person you know within the organization. Find out as much as you can about the club and any contact information. Get together your packet of information and mail out your packet.

In 3-4 days after mailing, you need to Call the organization and follow up with them. Did they receive your packet? Do they have any questions? Who makes the decisions on fundraising and are they actively looking for a fundraiser at this time? Can you call back again X amount of time?

Make sure you have a checklist of who you call and when you need to re-contact them. The secret behind getting fundraisers is persistence, follow up and follow through and always show your professionalism by re-contacting them when you say you will.

By following these few basics, you will find yourself in the fundraising business and beginning to grow your business in a new, fabulous way. Enjoy!

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