The Most Important Tool You Need for a Successful Fundraiser

The Most Important Tool You Need for a Successful Fundraiser

To enjoy a successful fundraiser and have your clients reap the profits, it is imperative that you are prepared fully for the project. So what is necessary to insure your success?

The first thing necessary is a contract. Even if you are doing a casual fundraiser with a few kids or between friends, keep it professional. . If there is a contract of who is responsible for what, there will never be a question if something falls through. Things that you should cover on your contract include things like:
• What are the dates involved? Selling Dates as well as due date back to you for placing the order.
• Who pays for supplies?
• Are there prizes involved? Who supplies them? If you pay, will it change your percent you give to the club?
• Are they a non profit? What is the number and how will you deal with taxes?
• Who collects the money and is responsible for it?
• Who will do the sorting and packing of product?
• Are you able to receive a list of the customers for future use?
• What is the delivery date back to the group and how is delivery to customer handled?

Creating a simple form along with spaces for your signature as well as the signature and date of signing of that person representing the business for which the fundraiser is being held, is a simple tool that will insure everyone is on the right track and it gives everyone confidence that the event will be handled well. Those who have done fundraisers in the past can attest to the fact that challenges can happen. Using a contract will help alleviate the challenges that you can control creating a better fundraising experience for all

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