Not a Partier in a Party Plan Business? Develop Your Business Anyway!

Not a Partier in a Party Plan Business? Develop Your Business Anyway!

As you know the party plan and Direct Sales business are going through the roof as more and more people are trying to earn a living and becoming a mom to their kids.

While the party plan business is an awesome place to “work”, not all of us are partiers! When I did a party plan business, I had a heck of a time booking because my DH worked nights and I chose to have no babysitter for my child. So that left me doing parties on Friday night, Saturday afternoons and evenings. While that worked for a while, I also burned out from having no family time to speak of.

So, what’s a non partier in a party plan business to do? Well, luckily, Lots!

Change your Strategy and Focus!

~Change your focus to Book Shows. You can have several going at one time. You are not locked into 2-3 parties a week.
~ Utilize online parties. You can pick the time, date and never leave home!
~ Fundraising is huge! If your company offers it, use it.
~ Book individual appointments with customers to show products and specials.
~ Specialty sales and special priced groupings once a month using Flyers and newsletters.
~ Product of the Month sales.
~ Email campaigns through autoresponders.
~ Utilize helpers to pass out books and take orders for you. Give them a free item or a discount on their order for helping you.
~ Take small orders and create a “party” once every 2 weeks or so. Don’t make it a requirement for your customers to order only through a party situation. Take orders anytime!
~ Gift registry and Wish lists for housewarmings, engagement, sweet 16, new jobs, special holidays.
~ Open houses and vendor/craft shows in town.
~ Join the Chamber of Commerce and networking groups.

These are but some ideas to strengthen your party plan business. Try them all and use the ones that work best for you!

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