Your Information Packet for Your Fundraising Contacts

Your Information Packet for Your Fundraising Contacts

Getting all of the information together to make a good impression on your future fundraising group is a crucial step in finding and getting your fundraisers booked. Since we always want to keep our best face forward, taking some time on your presentation packet is a good idea. You don’t want your packet to look like you threw it together at the last moment. But if you create and put together some forms and information ahead of time, you will be ready when the time comes to get a packet out quickly.

Some of the things that you want to think about and research is the amount of profit you are willing to give a said group. If you create a form that has the different breakdowns of what you can offer based on the groups volume, you will be ahead of the game. This research will be based on your profit you make from your company.

Say you make 50% from your company if your order is over $1500 and 40% if the orders are under $1500. You need to keep some for yourself for supplies and to put a few bucks in your pocket. So, as an example, you can offer 35% if the fundraiser totals $1500 or are doing a few select items is to offer X dollar per item as their earnings. For example, if you make $6 per item, then you can offer them $3 per item and so forth.

Also, many companies, direct sales or not, now have fundraising promotions already set up with the pricing and your profit. These save you work and are easy to implement. Make sure to ask your company before moving ahead.

Make sure that you include shipping in your calculations. You do not want to go back to the club and tell them that you need to take out $500 for shipping from their profits. The same goes for Tax. If they are a non profit, make sure to get their number as your company will need that so that you do not have to charge them tax. Otherwise roll the tax into the selling price to keep it simple.

Once you have the profit that you are willing to give, create an easy breakdown sheet for your packet. Keep it generic so you can use it over and over. You can get more detailed when the time comes.

Another form that you can create is your introduction letter. Make it a clear and concise as possible. You do not have to put all of the details of your fundraiser into the introductory letter. Keep it informational yet concise. Most people scan a letter first to see if it is of interest. Short and sweet with the Why in the first paragraph so they can see what you are all about quickly. No more than a one page letter. Again, when you follow up with them, you can get more detailed.

If you have done some fundraising in the past, a testimonial page would be a great tool to toss in your packet. Have some phone numbers if they are interested in talking to your past customers. Testimonials speak very loudly!

If you create these things a head of time, you can personalize a packet very quickly and send it out as needed. Remember the Golden Rule! FOLLOW UP!

Have fun!

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