What’s the Big Deal about Fundraisers?

What’s the Big Deal about Fundraisers?

Did you ever wonder why people are so hyped up about fundraisers? I mean, what is really in it for you? Why should you deal with the hassle and even care?

Well, what is in it for you is the potential customers that can blow the lid off of your business! That is reason number One! Just think of the number of potential new customers you will reach if you do a t-ball team fundraiser.

Yes, there are only 10-12 kids on the team. Say 10 moms participate in the fundraiser. But those 10 moms sell to 5-10 of their friends. That is 50 – 100 new potential customers that you can reach! As you can see, holding a small fundraiser can pay off big.

So just how are you going to reach these potential customers? Several ways are available to you:

* Make sure plenty of flyers are available so your participants can have plenty to pass out. Don’t forget to have your contact info on them.
* Use business cards in each bag that goes out to the customers.
* Put in a thank you note with your contact information.
* Put in catalogs, if you can afford to. If not, use a flyer
* If you are able to have a copy of each of the participants order sheets, you have access to mailing addresses of the buyers of your product. Do some post card mailing.

These are just some simple ways of keeping in contact. Also, offering a simple percent off future orders is a great offering to add. One fundraiser that I did, I donated 15% of my earnings back to the club on orders that came from the fundraising customers for a month after the fundraiser held. I was able to form a relationship with these new customers and kept them long after the fundraiser and my donation period was over. The club president was very happy to get an additional check and her customers were pleased to know that they were still donating to the cause and getting great products. And best of all, guess who was invited back to do another fundraiser the following year? You betcha, ME~

Give your hand a try at fundraising. You never can tell if it will be successful unless you try! Enjoy!
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