Good Reasons to Continue Building Your Customer Base

Good Reasons to Continue Building Your Customer Base

In sales when you have a large customer base and are making good income, it can be easy to stop looking and developing your customers. You are really busy taking care of your current customers and really don’t have the time to find new customers anyway. And besides, don’t you get most of your customers through referrals anyway?

Yes, I have heard all is these at one time or another. But here are some startling facts that may open your eyes.

Did you know that up to 20% of people per year move for one reason or another? Even if it is across town. If it is further, just think, that could correlate to upwards of 1/5th loss of your customer base. 20% gone.

What about the people that pass away? What about a customer that just stops buying from you for one reason or another? How about the customer that you recruited and therefore lost your sales volume on? There is a few more customers gone.

At this rate, you could be losing 20-30% of your customers each year. Even if you are swamped today, you have to remain forward thinking. By not adding clients to the pipeline, you are facing a serious loss of income in the next year to two years. Oh sure, it happens gradually and you may not notice it right away. But your orders will get smaller and smaller.

Keep your pipeline full by always talking to potential clients. Pass out the cards and catalogs and talk, talk, talk. Get phone numbers, addresses and follow up! Keep replacing customers as they drop off and you will not be looking at your numbers one day and wondering what the heck happened. Be proactive, not reactive and continue to grow your business in a healthy way!

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