Focusing your recruiting efforts

Here is a great article that was in USAToday that talks about the different types of people picking up MLM’s and Direct Sales businesses to supplement or even replace income in these times of uncertanity. USA Today and Direct Sales

If your recruiting numbers have not seen an increase lately, maybe you need to refocus your message to other age groups or just make sure you are offering everyone the opportunity. You never know who needs help these days.

The unemployment rates continue to grow and the recession is still lingering. People are scared, so offering them a bit of control in their life is a blessing. They need a choice and you can offer hope and allow them the ability to say No, thanks, or even Yes, thanks! Educate those that are interested and give them the power to decide.

4 thoughts on “Focusing your recruiting efforts

  1. Thanks for the insight, you are correct, you never know who will need your Opportunity until you ask.

  2. Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  3. It is absolutely a great time to recruit and build your team, but I think we should be careful to understand what that means. Adding consultants isn’t necessarily going to increase profit.

    It bothers me to see direct sales being called “recession-proof.” (Not to mention the referenced article saying the companies are offering “jobs” – you’ve recently addressed that issue, didn’t you Chris?)

    Yes, being a direct sales consultant is recession-proof in the sense that you can’t be laid off, but the economy definitely has an impact on sales. I hope consultants are adjusting their marketing accordingly and teaching their new team members to do the same.

    So yes, it’s definitely a good time to address a wider audience with your recruiting message, but please remember that earnings are completely dependent on sales.

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