Money is in the Follow Up

How many times have you left messages for someone and they never return your call? It can be so annoying yet do we all do it sometimes? I know that I have not returned calls, be it for the lack of time at that moment, but fully intending to do so eventually…. 🙂

But in order to be successful in the direct sales business or any sales business, we have to talk directly to the intended person. Leaving messages just does not get the sales, the booking or the recruit. We must follow up. We must make that call again.

I know, you don’t want to be a pest. No one does, but understand this. There are several reasons why the intended did not answer or return your call.

1) She truely is swamped and busy!
2) She wrote it down and has been meaning to return your call.
3) She misplaced the number or mis wrote it
4) The kids deleted the message and she never got it
5) Hubby deleted the message because it sounded dangerous – $$$
6) She was going to call you back closer to payday
7) She really was ditching you

There is of course many more reasons, but this probably encompasses most of them.

So now you know WHY you have to make those follow up calls. You have to get a hold of that person. If she really was intending on returning your call and just hasn’t gotten to it, she will appreciate you for following up. If she never got the message, then how wil she know to call you back?

Let’s face it. We are the ones offering our products and services. We have to be proactive about our sales. The only way this is going to happen is if we talk to the intended person directly, not through email, not through voice mail. Things can be read into messages and emails. Face to face or person to person is the best way to acheive closure, which is what we are talking about.

So continue to call back your intended folks. Call at different times. You don’t have to leave a message each time you call. In fact, don’t leave a message unless time is of the essence. Then that message should contain enough urgency for that person to pick up the phone and call you right back.

Once you get used to talking directly to folks, you will find your closure rates have increased, which means more money in your pocket. You will find more things to talk about with that person and you will more than likely find a new business associate and even better, a new friend.

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