Are you upfront in your recruiting methods?

A friend of mine blogged about this topic today and I thought is was a great reminder that we need to be honest and upfront in our recruiting methods.

Read on… Be Real and Upfront

Deception never wins so why bother?

2 thoughts on “Are you upfront in your recruiting methods?

  1. I need Help on a situation, I have been selling jewerly for a very long time. I have a problem, I love one company and then I with another company. the other company I love I have been with them before. and never went to convention with., and recrutied all of people. the other is still new and alot of people have never heard of them. the jewerly is classy but, the problem is you don’t have alot of jewerly to start off with. and the other you do. and you can go for it and the price point is awsome. I’m having a problem on which should i sell for. but, I don’t really. I don’t want to look back and hopefully did not make a mistake. it’s easy to recruit I know I’m spelling this word wrong. but, when I get upset this happens. with the other company that the jewerly cheaper and starts you off and running. and the people are not struck up. the jewerly is very up to date and is doable. it’s making me sick about this and I know one to talk to. both companines are great. it’s that the one I want is Funner and you make more money 50% and the other 25% and when you recurit 5% and 5% but, never 50%. never went to convention with them either, just sign up. but, going to sign up with this other company. what you you do in my situation?

  2. The obvious thing to do is go with the one you want to sell. It doesn’t have to matter how much to you make if you are going to sell a lot more jewelry. 50% of no sales is 0 $$. 25% of a lot of sales is a lot more money than nothing.

    It sounds to me like you know what company you want to be with. Don’t get hung up on numbers. Look at the company like you were. The prices are affordable, the product is up to date. The most important thing is if you love the product and have fun with it, your customers will as well and will buy your products.

    Relax and have fun!

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