Got a Difficult Customer? Here’s some tips on how to survive.

Dealing with a Difficult Customer

Have you ever had a difficult customer or someone who made excessive returns on used product or even had a customer bounce a check on you? Did you stress out trying to deal with the issue or did you just let the customer walk over you as it was easier to deal with it all that way?

Well you are not alone! Many of us have had challenging customers
at one time or another. It is a fact of life with our type of business. But the difference is in how you deal with it.

Remember this first and foremost when dealing with a customer service issue. You are the business owner. You are. You need to deal with that customer in a professional, business type manner. You can get your message across that your customer is doing something that is over and above what you will accept in your
business without being negative, frightened, or walked on. It’s all in the delivery of the message.

**Be upfront with them from the beginning that this is your business.

**Be firm. Do not hesitate or be wishy washy. They can sense that and will not respond in the way you need them to.

**Offer a solution along with the issue. IE.. I’m sorry you are having problems with my product. I am in this business to assist you, so should we schedule an appointment so we can get together to find the product that matches your needs so you won’t have to be frustrated with returns?

**Think like a professional and let the professional take over in sticky situations. Change hats when you have to be the bad guy. Professionalism will always win! Meaning… be polite even if you cannot come to terms.

**Know that it’s is ok to “fire” a customer! If all you have is issues, tell them you can refer them to someone who can better serve their needs. Sometimes, it is not worth the stress to constantly deal with someone you can not get a long with… It’s OK! Really!

**Take a deep breath and move on. Don’t dwell on an issue. It is not worth it. Write it off to lesson learned and move on.

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