Helping Your Group Have a Successful Fundraiser

Helping Your Group Have a Successful Fundraiser

You landed a fundraiser! Now you need to make sure that your group is successful in their endeavors! What is profitable for them directly relates to profit for you.

How can you help? Here are several things that you can do without a lot of effort.

* Make sure the information you supply them with is easy to understand and user friendly
* Remember the age group you are dealing with. Who is selling your product? Is it kids or the parents? Target your information to that age group.
* Consider using incentives for top sellers. If it is a small group, split the prizes with the group, or decrease your percentage you give them so you can provide prizes.
* Price your product at a 2 for price. For instance if you sell candles, retail them for the fundraiser at 2/$15 as well as 1/$8 It encourages higher sales for the group.
* Plan the dates of the fundraiser well. Make sure you have the lead time you need for orders to your company as well as delivery times for the customer. A minimum needed is 2 weeks. 3 weeks would be best.
* Make sure you help advertise the event with flyers and information to the parents once a week. Poster boards around the school and messages on the school message board outside will help. Excite the kids! That will inspire the parents!
* Don’t forget your personal customers as well. Allow them to get in on a deal or to help support a cause they may be interested in. It can’t hurt to let others know what you do in the community. It could turn into another fundraiser for you!

By working a bit extra on the side, it will really help your organization have a successful function. It is worth it to you to do what you can. It will reflect your professionalism and that will get you a great event and an invitation back next year!

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