The Date of the Fundraiser Can Make or Break You!

What difference does a date make? Well in the fundraising world, it can make or break you! Keeping your eye on the calendar is an important factor in a successful event.

Making sure that all dates are taken into account is critical for set up, execution and completion through delivery. Look for Holidays, especially school holidays when there maybe no actual holiday, but the school is closed. How are these holidays going to affect your turn in date? What about your shipping date or the date you need to turn in your orders to have then back by a certain time? You need to take these all in to account

Another date you need to be aware of is other functions that are going on around town. Are there other schools doing fundraisers? What about sports teams? Can you compete with your products? Are the products the same? Be flexible if necessary. You need a date that is clear of other fundraisers. Remember most parents have other kids and that means other functions and fundraisers to sell for. Be mindful of activities around town. Here is an example of something that happened to me.

I was working a large fundraiser that consisted of a Prime Rib dinner, Silent Auction and other activities at night. This fundraiser would serve over 300 people. Our date was set and the planning was moving forward. We then started hearing things about other fundraisers at the exact same time as ours. These other fundraisers consisted of Crab and Lobster feeds. The groups that were putting these on are in direct competition with our event. Could I have a successful event at $25 a ticket? Would someone choose crab or lobster in season over Prime Rib that could be held any time? I think the answer was Yes. So, we elected to move our date out a month so that we could sell our tickets easily and have a bigger turn out. In retrospect, was this a good decision? Absolutely! In fact we kept the date at the later time for the next year’s event because it worked out better for us.

The moral of the story? Be Flexible even if it may cause some extra work. It will pay off for you in one way or another!

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