Make Your Booth Display Eye Catching

We had an awesome craft show yesterday and had a lot of new vendors. So it was a lot of fun for me to go around and see the different setups that folks used.

One of the most unique booths was a new vendor to our show. She didn’t have a lot for direct sale as she did a lot of custom work, but what she had was examples of what one could purchase. What was so nice about her set up, was that she used the space wisely.

She had the sides on the ezup booth and used that as a backdrop to display the work. Wonderful table set ups with not a whole lot to display, but it was displayed beautifully. Wonderful colors of fabric and tulle intermixed with her items and some beautiful pictures in her frames. It was very pleasing and you could picture her work in your house. That was a successful set.

Just by bringing in some personal items and decorations to your set up, you take your booth from stacks of product for sale to a new level. It becomes more of displayed art and that whats you want to portray as you are trying to intice the customer into your booth, to visualize that item in their own space and the usability of it.

While many, if not most, customers purchase for a specific need, there are many that need the extra incentive to make that purchase today and a beautiful set up will definately help! We are all struck by beauty and why not use that to bring customers into your selling zone, your store.

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