New Year Goals, Again?

We hear from all of the guru’s that we are to set goals at this time of year for your business. It is amazing to me the amount of posts, emails and tweets I get about goal setting.

But I have a few questions… If we do set these goals, we then have to follow up and make sure that we are accomplishing or moving forward at least. Right? Who is going to sit like a birdie on my shoulder and make sure I am writing my goals, tracking my success and refocusing my goals as the year goes on?

I don’t know about you, but I think we need an automated system to help us out. As fast as the year goes by, by the time it is time to track month 1, it is already month 6. Yikes! How to keep up?

OK, you know I am just kidding with you, right? Well sort of… I do think the automated system is something I need to work on! :0)

Yes, we have to sit and figure out where we want our business to go this year. No wimping out, now. Lets get with it. Get that pen and paper out and get to it. Maybe even update your dream board while you are at it. I know my board needs it desperately~

We know that our brains are stronger with visuals, so by writing down your plans, you are reinforcing your path, your business direction. I know that my path is blurry right now, but maybe by the time I sit quietly and focus on my business, the vision will clear and I will be lead down the path I am supposed to be taking.

Here’s a New Years toast to clearer vision and uncluttered paths!

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