Fundraising Online With Your Direct Sales Business

Successful fundraising can be accomplished online as well. If you are one of the direct sellers that focuses her business online only, you will want to be able to offer fundraising as an option to your business plan. So how do you go about finding potential clients?

First and foremost, networking is going to be the main way of getting the information out there. Adding a sales page just for your fundraising options that you offer will be important to the salability of your program. While networking you will not have the ability to fully explain your program, but you will want to send them somewhere professional to get the information.

Write your sales page as clear as possible without confusion. If you know your program can be confusing, highlight the important specifics and have then contact you for more information. Do not try and explain the entire program. You want to sell the Product and the idea of your program. Killing the deal with details is easy to do.

Highlight the important factors such as the amount to be made by the customer, quality of the product, uniqueness of the product and the Why to choose you and your products.

Target the correct market for potential clients. Do some research to find the correct venues. If you are trying to market only to work at home moms also trying to market their own products, you may be wasting your time. But certainly add a tag line to your signatures on message boards and such. You never know who you may run into there.

Do not forget your offline friends, family and customers. You can direct them to your sales pages online and gather information there. Having a contact me form would be a great idea as well as a sign up sheet for future contact on specialty programs you may have.

Cross promote with someone else you know to help get the word out. Don’t forget testimonials as well!

Enjoy developing your custom fundraising program. It can certainly boost your sales!

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  1. I’m glad to see you mention signature lines in emails as a networking method. After reading Networking Like a Pro
    , I started adding my signature line to personal emails and 2nd or 3rd replies too, not just business emails, because you never know when an email might be forwarded to a potential new customer through a family member or friend. Ivan Misner, the author offers a lot of great tips to increase networking success.

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