Committing to Your Business

When we first start our Direct Sales business, we have made a commitment to that company by writing the check and ordering the starter kit. While signing on the dotted line of the agreement is a commitment to that company, it is a commitment to you and your business?

Have you committed to any of the following things lately?
• Doing the best we can to build our business
• Treating our customers with integrity and kindness
• Being helpful and caring to our customer
• Spending at least 15-20 hours per week dedicated to growing our business
• Talking to at least 5 people a day about our business
• Doing whatever it takes to earn the amount of money needed to pay our bills, feed the bank account or save for that trip

Why not take some time today and configure a commitment form for yourself and your business. Sign it and post it on your bulletin board. Seeing that each day you will know that you have cemented your career goal and revitalized your business. How inspiring can that be?

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