7 Tips to be an Effective Direct Sales Leader

In direct sales there are always opportunities to become a leader of
other people. Sometimes known as down line or recruits, they become a
part of our team. Sometimes leaders feel compelled to become
responsible for their teams overall performance. They fret and
sweat and break their own backs to try and make others successful.
Giving others leads and recruits to boost their numbers. Finding
new customers to place orders to keep the sales where they need to
be. Basically doing everything to support someone elses business in order to make yours successful, to get that extra bonus check or promotion.

But my question is Has It Been Worth It?

If you have been doing so much work for others, have you been able to
keep your business where it should be or could be?

And if the other rep is not as compelled as you are to be successful and
quits their business in a few months, you have just lost everything you
put into that others business.

I would suggest that you take the time to step back and look at your
business and how much you actually do for others and maybe look at
some tough questions and alternatives.

* Are you helping or hindering that other persons business?
* Are they going to be able to learn and grow their own without your
help someday?
* Interview your new potential people. Do they have experience in
sales? How much are you going to have to help?
* Learn when to let go and let them fly
* Lead by example and they can copy You
* Give them the tools and the expectations and they can be successful
if they want to.
* Know that some will and some won’t. Don’t take it personally.
* Know that they have to have the drive inside but you can inspire it.

Teach your recruits to fish. Don’t give them the fish and expect then them to have a strong business. Teaching is powerful and it will make you a stronger leader.

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