Direct Selling Power Rocks

I ordered the book “Direct Selling Power”, which is a collaboration of authors and direct sales professionals as soon as I heard it was out. Produced by the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance, or other wise known as the DSWA, this book is a wonderful compulation of chapters that focus on many different parts of direct selling.

Inspiriational and an awesome book for training; either for yourself or use it with your team. This is another great book to add to your collection on Direct Sales Training books.

I read it through once and now I am going back chapter by chapter to focus and study the materials. There is something for everyone in Direct Sales in the book. I was totally impressed. Sometimes books are very simple and I find myself saying, “Oh I knew that” quite a bit. But this book proved to be a notch above. Very indepth and a great tool to share or gift to others.

I suggest that you pick one up for you and your team. Hop over to the DSWA website, and order one today. You won’t regret it!

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