The Best Sales Tips You Will Find

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The Best Sales Tips You Will Find
This is a list of 10 sales tips that can use in any business in order to get more customers and close the sale faster. There is no business until it has made its first sale, and each sale after that. Therefore, you need to give yourself a big arsenal of sales tools to get yourself to where you want to be. Read on to find out all 10 tips.

1. Build relationships with your customers. You have to have long-term customers in order to grow. If you sell to a person only one time, it is very expensive to find a new customer.

2. Get the customer to accept things from you, like your business cards, brochures, free gifts, even price quotes. This act of accepting gets them into a “YES” mind frame.

3. Make sure that your business card contains a call to action on the back of it. There are way too many useless business cards floating around out there. Make sure you use both sides to create something that the customer won’t throw in the trash as soon as they get home.

4. Learn to shut your mouth and let the customer talk. People that are really talkative can end up talking their own customer out of the sale, because they shared TOO MUCH information about the product.

5. Don’t try and be a clown in order to keep the customer’s attention. Sure, you need to make the customer feel comfortable, but you don’t need to tell a bunch of corny jokes and make the situation even worse.

6. Focus on what the customer wants, not what you want. If the customer wants your most inexpensive product, then sell it to him. Don’t sell anything to anyone that they don’t want.

7. If you don’t believe in what you are selling, you won’t be able to convince your customers that they should believe you either.

8. You have to give before you can get. You need to earn your customer’s business by first offering different things that will benefit them. You might have to lose a little money on the first sale in order to close a large, profitable sale.

9. Don’t patronize your prospect. If you treat your customer like they are stupid, you won’t sell them a thing. Allow them plenty of time to ask questions, but don’t baby them.

10. Develop a killer guarantee. Use your guarantee as a marketing tool to lower the prospect’s skepticism about going through with the purchase.

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  1. Fantastic list of tips! Remember, it’s key to make your prospects not only feel important and respected, but also treat them the way you would want to be treated. Great customer service will go a long way in building a dynamic business!

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