5 Traits of a Good Direct Sales Team Leader

Leadership can be a scary thing when you are in a direct sales business. Many people step into the role naturally and others just don’t get it. And many don’t have any desire to become a leader, and its OK! But if you thinking about it, read on.

There are 5 traits every good leader possesses. And if you don’t have them yet, don’t panic! Leadership can be and usually is, learned. You don’t have to be a natural born leader to be a good leader. Here they are in no particular order.

A Good Leader is a Leader
I’ve heard the saying: “If you’re leading but no one is following, you are just taking a walk.” That is so true. Have you ever seen someone who is in a leadership position but no one is following them? I’m willing to bet you have.

Even some of the best leaders are not natural born. They’ve had to learn certain skills and what it takes to be a leader. You can do the same. When you lead people, you are actually teaching them, standing by their side and serving them. Yes, I said serving them. They will grow because of your example.

It’s like teaching your kids. You can’t teach your son to do the dishes if you don’t ever do them. You need to stand with him the first few times and do the dishes with him. Then when he is ready to do it by himself, the dishes will be all nice and clean, rinsed, dried and put away properly.

The same applies when you are in a leadership position in direct sales. Show your recruits how to do it and then do it with them. Next, help them when they first step out on their own. Yes, it takes time and energy, but there is no place better to invest your time and energy than in helping someone else.

A Good Leader is a Good Listener
A good leader isn’t one who thinks they know everything or who acts like she doesn’t have time to hear what her recruits or clients have to say. A good leader is one team members can go to when they need help with something or assistance in fixing a problem.

A good leader also knows what to listen to and what not to listen to. As a leader, you should not encourage gossip or negative talk about another person. You don’t have the time or energy to listen to someone who is a constant whiner and complainer. You’ll need some discernment and will also need to know how to politely turn away from this type of talk.

A Good Leader is Available
A good leader will make time for their recruits and clients. Some leaders have a set schedule for seeing recruits, but they also know emergencies arise and don’t get disgruntled when they do.

Set your own schedule, but be aware that your recruits will need you at times other than those you specifically set every once in awhile. Open your door and help them when they need it most.

A Good Leader is Organized and Knows How to Prioritize
This is not only true in business, but it is also true in a leader’s personal life. You’ll need to realize your family is most important and how to balance family and business. If you do not know how to organize and prioritize your business and personal life, don’t worry. There are tons of materials out there that can help you with this part. Look on the Internet or in your local bookstore for starters.

A Good Leader Doesn’t Let Obstacles Stand in the Way of Goals
In other words, you’ll need to know how to overcome obstacles or work around them. Also, don’t let negative people stand in your way. You should know how to block the negative and absorb the positive. Believe me, when you are in a leadership position, you will hear it all. Some of which you don’t want to hear, but have to just because you’re the leader. Filter out the bad and keep the good. Don’t let these obstacles stop you from reaching your goals.

There is a ton of information available on leadership qualities. Get some books, attend classes and learn from someone who is a good leader in your personal life, like your pastor, a teacher or sales director. Good leadership can be learned, you just have to be willing to study it.

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