Person to Person Sales Means More Money in Your Pocket

Person to Person Sales Means More Money in Your Pocket

In the direct sales business, it is so easy to just have a customer call you with an order, especially if she is a regular client of yours. But sometimes we forget that this is a person to person business that we are running and actually seeing your customer face to face can mean more money in your pocket.

In past articles, I have talked about the difference between an order taker and an order maker. Just taking a customer’s order; thank you very much; and hanging up the phone is really cutting into your potential profits.

Become that order maker. Make an appointment with your customer to stop by and get her order. That is a very personal touch and while you are there, you can recommend different products to try. Show her your traveling basket filled with new items that have arrived recently. Have her sample something new; maybe recommend an add on item that ties in with her original order. Tell her about upcoming specials and new products that may interest her. Talk to her about your business.

You know that it is so much easier to tell someone “No” on the phone than it is in person. When you are recommending a product in person, you have become an advisor. You have gone out of your way to offer a special service and that will stand out to your customer. You have increased your professionalism a few notches. Cementing your relationship with your customer will not only add money and profit into your pocket right now, but in the long run, the results will be clear. That customer will be yours for life.

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