Change is Good

We are only 8 days into the New Year and I have already added a fabulous new project to my plate that I am so excited about. I have to admit, this past year, I have only really focused on one of my many avenues that I normally work on. This year is different.

Through my work, I have found that I really love writing and have expanded a lot into different types of writing. I used to write a lot when I was younger and also did quite a bit of article writing in the past. Now I have rekindled that flame and I am taking it to a new level. Well, several new levels.

I am continuing to expand my work to provide a valuable service to direct sales people, small business owners and really, any online marketer. My partner and I have opened a ghostwriting site called Two Classy Ghostwriting Chics. I am so delighted!

Ghostwriting is such a fun avenue to go down. You can be a creative as you want to be and be a busy as you want to be yet help others at the same time. It is a awesome business for me to develop and test my abilities and even stretch my abilities. We are focusing on our niche areas of direct sales and small business along with marketing, social media, blogging and others while writing Articles, Business ads, Blog posts and much more.

I am loving it so much and cannot wait to find what else the new year will bring! I already have more plans popping this week!

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  1. Wonderful new avenues to go down my friend. I have always loved writing as well as marketing…now I have the 2 together and I get to do it with one of my very best friends. Thanks for inspiring me.

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