The Challenges of Direct Selling

Those of us that are in the direct sales profession know that there are some challenges that come with the territory of developing this type of home based business. We work hard to overcome some of the hardships and the stigma that tends to come with being a direct seller. Sometimes that is not always possible, but those looking to get into this business should know that it exists and be prepared to deal with it.

One of the main challenges that exist is the fact that the direct sales industry has been hit hard in the past by past claims of huge income in a short amount of time. Most companies now prohibit the claims of huge riches and admit freely that this is an industry where you have to work hard to succeed. Can it be done? Oh yes it can. There are hundreds if not thousands of direct sales reps and MLM reps out there making full time wages and even more. They are earning money through the sale of product and through recruiting team members. So if they can do it, you can do it.

Another challenge is the stigma that being in direct sales can have with some people. You may get the “look” of disgust and the “oh, you are selling that? WHY?” Never let the turkeys get you down! You know your why and stick to it. You love your product and you made an informed decision to join that company. Never try to sell to someone that has emotionally given you the cold shoulder when you talk to them about your product. Well, unless you like annoying them, so that could be fun.

Challenge number three could be the actual growing of your business. It is a well known fact that you will have to work at your direct sales business. If you plan your work in sections of your day and stick to your plan, you can grow the business quickly. Start off with sales of products as that is where your immediate cash flow will come from. And that cash flow is a necessary thing when growing your business. It will help pay for books, ads and supplies. Along the way you can add in bringing on team members and recruiting. This will add an additional income stream that is different from your sales of your product. As you continue to grow your business, you will see your income continue to grow as well.

These are three of the biggest challenges you will see when starting your direct sales business. But if you focus on the answer of how to bridge the challenge, it does not have to be a difficult at all. Be informed and be successful.


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5 thoughts on “The Challenges of Direct Selling

  1. For point #2: What is your advice on “pushing through” when friends and family question your reasons for starting to sell>

  2. Hi Chris,

    Great blog and tips you’re sharing for direct sellers!

    You nailed it perfectly. I also think the biggest challenge for direct sellers is not learning how to market and promote their business properly. The old days of going after people and the 3-foot rule is a big turn-off. You see people doing it all the time on social media and it only cheapens the industry. Not to mention annoying to others.

    Having a proper plan on how to market your business from the start will keep you on track. Products don’t sell themselves but smart marketing does :).

    Janette Stoll

  3. Christine,
    I have sold and do sell items that some people just totally love or hate, so I can relate. If you loved your product enough to want to make it a career choice, then just stick to your guns. Believe in you, in your choice of business and always remember your WHY…. why you chose that product line. For the family and friends that are not supporters, just answer their questions one time. You don’t need to sell them on the product if they are not interested. I never felt complelled to have to explain my reasons for starting a business to anyone but my hubby as I do need his buyin. Is it nice to have your friends and family support you? Yes, sure it is. It would be great if they could help you w. your business, but there are thousand of reps out here selling great products without the friends and family link. You can do it if you want it bad enough!

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