The Secret to Selling More

I have a secret. The secret to selling more product and making more money. I don’t know if you are ready for it yet, though. Its a pretty big secret! What do you think? Are you up for it? Well, I am going to be nice and not hold back and longer.

For those of you crying the blues about making money in your direct sales business or MLM business or other home based small business, here is the scoop. The big scoop.

ASK for the SALE

I Know! What a riot!! Just think how I felt when I realized that…..

Ok, no more kidding around.

Seriously, people. If you have the tools at your finger tips to sell more product, why aren’t you doing it? If you have the tools and the product to sell, what is stopping you? The longer you whine and complain about not having sales, the less effective your whining is. Because people for hundreds and thousands of years have been selling product to feed their family, house their family and make a dang good living.

You have made a decision about the types of product that you want to sell the day you paid the money to join the business; the day you created the product line; the day you published the ebook or report, so what is stopping you? Are you afraid to ASK someone to buy from you?

I know it is easy to giveaway products and services and hope that lucky person will come back and actually buy from you. But that cannot happen forever. You have to get off your bootay and get out there. Get out into your community. Get out into other streams of people on the internet. By hanging with the same old crowd, you are going to get the same old results.

Come up with creative ways to market your products and ask for the sale. It sounds so simple and it really is. Ignore the negative nellies in your life and just do it. You just need to do it!

Just think how nice it will be to have money in your pocket and product moving. You know that having this product at your finger tips means that you can have money any time. Just go sell something. You love your product. That is why you wanted to sell it. And Guess what? Other people love your product as well. You just need to find them and they will appreciate you. Don’t let any negative thoughts get in your way. Get rid of the excuses and just go for it.

Okay….. off my soap box now.

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1 thought on “The Secret to Selling More

  1. Hi Chris,

    Great post! I wonder how many people that joined direct sales really want to sell? They go around pretending to sell- masquerade as “sharing” but sharing and selling aren’t the same.

    We share all the time when we’re not compensated that’s why we don’t have a problem doing it. But if you’re sharing because you’re getting something for it, it’s completely different. It’s called direct SALES :). Your job is to sell because that’s how you make money.

    Now I need to get off the soap box, lol.

    Love this post.

    Janette Stoll

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