Tips to Recruiting Online for Your Direct Sales Business

We have all seen the craziness on chat forums when someone asks a simple question about a direct sales business. People all of a sudden come out of the woodwork and offers their business and “expertise” so they will join their team and direct sales business. I don’t know about you, but that makes me crazy!

Hammering people over the head to join your team is really not a effective way to add team members. I have seen so many different methods over the 10 years I have been online with my business. What is effective is being helpful, curteous, and a resource to others. This blog is dedicated to being a resourse and I have never had to beat people over the head to join me or my business.

If you have built your business ethically and offered help and assistance to others; have branded yourself and your business online, the ones that want to work with you, will find you. Be a value to others and they in turn will be a value to you.

3 thoughts on “Tips to Recruiting Online for Your Direct Sales Business

  1. By helping others they will come to you for more help and will know that you are truly there to encourage them. I hope that most know that if they are bombarded by “join now” those won’t usually be the best managers to sign up under. Those managers or consultants are usually more worried about signing up more people than helping their current downline. Which is the exact opposite mentality for making a decent income with DS lol

    You’re spot on Chris and it annoys me so much that I rarely visit forums. Which is sad because I have helped so many over the years. I just couldn’t take the bombardment of spam posts to every question.

  2. I have just started working for scentsy, I am a essential consultant, I am having a time starting my business, i really like making sales, but i dont have any one under me yet, It is similar to avon except we sale warmers and wax that wont burn our kids. patriot warmers. sport warmers, room sprays and such. I used to be an avon rep as well, I had 10 girl working underneath me and helped each one. what is going wrong Now, I have only been in scentsy a little over a week now, could you please help me, I am a stay at home mom, and i really enjoy all of it, I just want to make more than just an income, I want to be debt free, and put my children through college without it breaking me and my husband.

  3. Christie,
    Go through the articles on this site. There is a lot of information that will help you. You need a plan. 1)Write it down and stick with it. 2) Don’t get discouraged. If you work your business everyday, you will be successful. Get out into your town and let it be known what you do. You already know what you want out of the business, now work your plan! You can do it!


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