Are You Maximizing Your Profits in Your Direct Sales Business

Maximizing your profits in your direct sales or party plan business really comes down to how you run your business. So let me ask you. Are you a sales based direct seller or a recruiting based direct seller? Does it really matter?

I am a sales based direct seller. I believe that sales are the foundation and basis of our business in direct sales. By using customer sales and the growth of your business through sales as the main basis of your income, then you will have a stronger business overall. With this said, I am also of the belief that strong sales will lead to strong recruits who also use sales based business model.

Another important reason that I use a sales based business model is that you actually make more money from your team sales as you are getting paid on their sales as well as any increase in income from adding a recruit to your line. I truly believe that sales drive the whole system of getting paid from your recruits. They will also sell product and make money and start then recruiting, just as their upline shows them. And the circle continues and the strenght of the whole team grows. The more product your team sells, the more money you make as well as the company.

Recruit based income is a hard concept for me sometimes. By putting the most eggs in your basket based on recruiting and then hoping that you will build yourself a team that will support you is tough. How do you make a living in the mean time, while you are building your team? And how does your teammember become good at selling the product, if no one is showing them how to? Also, if no one sold product, how can the company continue to exist?

It would make me nervous to expect a team to support me. What if they all quit? What if they didn’t buy anything next month? What if the party circuit dried up for them and their recruting efforts died? If the product doesn’t sell, the company cannot profit either….

Where do you want your business to go? Have you thought about how you have structured your business? Are you maximizing that structure to the benefit of your income and your recruits income as well? Make sure you look at all sides of the business when setting up your business plan and structuring how you do business and share all sides with your recruits as well. Recruits will tend to follow your lead until they can create their own plan and become comfortable with the business as well as learning to maximize their own profitibilty. We certainly have a responsibility to our new business partners to make sure they are being profitable so that we have a long and mutually satisifying relationship.

So now you know the best of part of being a home based business owner. Maximizing your profits and your recruits profits as well. The more you sell, the more you earn!

2 thoughts on “Are You Maximizing Your Profits in Your Direct Sales Business

  1. I absolutely loved this article! I wish it was published a year ago when I started my Avon business. It makes so much sense and through reading the whole article I was saying “yes” and how things in it are so true. Thank you for the article and words of “good” advice.

  2. Thank you, Angela, for your kind words. I am glad it helped you cement the fact you are going down the right path with your business!

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