The Secret Truth about Direct Sales

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The Direct Sales industry has a secret. It really is a strange, wild and wacky thing. Some people hate it, others can’t live without it. Some people come and go, some people stay in it until they die, literally. Direct sales is quirky. I have seen people quit companies vowing to never do direct sales again, but there is just something about it that draws those people back. It kind of sucks you in…

Personally, I cannot be without a direct sales business. I love the products. I love the great ideas and refreshing unique, creative methods people use to move their product. I especially love the small business aspect and the business advantages of direct sales. What is also wonderful for me is the fact that you can start a business all of your own, for just a small investment. Where else can you do that and have complete control of your business without investing a lot of time and money?

Direct sales is also a bit quirky because you are representing a powerful company that is branded and ready to roll. You can market yourself as an entity of the company and gain the benefit of tying your name to theirs. Instant name recognition is a helpful thing in marketing. A few tweaks and some social media work, some client love and you are growing your business.

I love that it is not rocket science. Anyone can take this direct sales gift and make a huge impact on your own personal life. Whether it is $50 a week you need or $500, you can do it with a minimal investment of cash and a larger investment of time and dedication. It is cool that this is yours and yours alone. You run it as you see fit.

Yes, direct sales is a weird thing sometimes. I think you either love it or hate it, but either way, once it’s in your blood, it is always there for you to make you money and even fame, if you work it hard enough.

What is going to do for you? Can you even imagine? I hope so, because it is there for the taking. Enjoy the journey!

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  1. So True! I was first attracted to direct sales when I a teenager but didn’t join a company until quite a few years later. I’ve been in direct sales for over 20 years and still love everything about it. Yes it’s in my blood!

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