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I haven’t done any recruiting tips lately so I thought I would throw out a couple of things that are on my mind lately. Training your downline…

When you are looking at expanding your team, always remember that you are going to be responsible for training and teaching the new person that is joining you. The task of training does not belong to your upline. And it is really not cool to tell them to go read a website for information.

Before you start recruiting people, take some time to set up a program of things that you know they are going to need from you. Think back to when you first started with the company. What were your first questions? Prepare the answers for as many of the questions and if possible lead them to the answers too. So if the question is on how do I set up my website, show them and tell them where to find the answer again.

By taking the time to set up programs of training for your recruits, you are going to have less stress on the new person and on you. You are also going to be able to address their needs immediately and not throw them out to the wolves. You will probably see a higher retention rate overall as less people will leave because they are able to get down to business and sell, without the stress of a big learning curve.

Why not take some time today and write out some things that you know you can help someone with and start to create your personal training program for your direct sales and mlm business. I think you will learn somethings yourself and find out that it will help you be a better leader over all.

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2 thoughts on “Recruiting Tips 101 | Training

  1. awesome!

    We have a video or audio new consultant training — new consultant can choose which they want. Plus I have a series of postcards that I set up to send automatically through my Send Out Cards account.

    I keep meaning to type up a bunch of emails that can go out via autoresponder to new subscribers to my unit email list– things I’ve been saying by phone over and over—- on the one hand, I LIKE saying everything by phone over and over and getting their questions right away. On the other hand, as life gets busy, automation is sometimes a key– not to take the place of person to person contact though.

    Great post! 🙂

    Heather Price

  2. I agree. Personal contact is wonderful , but there are some things that can be automated or just be out there so your DL can find then answer when needed. Now all we need is the time!

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