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One of the most important factors when working with a Party Plan in your direct sales business is getting the booking. Without having a booking or a hostess to hold the party for you, it can restrict your ability to grow your business. Here are a few tips to help you incentify your next hostess into holding a party for you.

~ Book a show off of a show ~
If you are already holding a show, make sure that you coach your hostess to have a friend or guest hold a show for you. Offering a discount or additional gift for each booking will certainly pay off for you and your hostess too.

~ Offer Immediate Booking Gifts~
Carry around a supply of small booking gifts with you every where you go, including to each party that you demonstrate. Offer an inexpensive booking gift to each guest who says “YES” to booking a party from you on the spot! When they receive a gift immediately, they are less likely to cancel the party at a future time.

~ Invest In Hostess Only Demonstration Products~
You should purchase several hostess only booking gifts to show at your home parties as people are more apt to book parties from you if they can see or touch the booking gifts in-person as compared to only viewing them in a catalog. These products are usually a business tax-deduction for you so make sure you keep receipts and document these type of purchases.

Try these tips out when looking for hostesses for your next home show or party. Developing your bookings will help you have a long and heathly party business. Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for the tips, I got to your blog from sales moms network. I just started my direct sales business and I am looking forward to using great ideas like these to book more parties!

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