Capturing Your Holiday Sales Using Specialty Shows

The Holidays are an important time in a direct sellers life. Sales during this time can equal up to 30% of your entire years sales. It can impact your entire business is a massive way.

My article on It’s Never to Early to Get Ready for Holiday Sales in Your Direct Sales Business can give you important information how to impact your sales in a positive way this year.

One very useful tool to gain bookings and to sell some product for the holiday selling season is to book specialty shows such as a craft show or a local farmers market. Even getting together with several other direct sellers and holding a giant open house is a wonderful way to draw new contacts for Holiday Bookings and sales.

If your plan is not cemented for the holiday season on how to capture some of the sales available to you, now is the time to get busy, get on the phone and get creative. You will not want to miss this! It only comes around once a year!

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