Why Should I Recruit in my Direct Sales Business

I have been asked by people many times, why should I recruit in my direct sales business? My answer is normally, well why shouldn’t you? What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of making money? Maybe you are afraid of being a leader. Perhaps you are afraid of committing to help others because you think it will take a lot of time. There could be many other reasons that you are not recruiting and only you know them deep down inside.

What I can tell you is that recruiting, while it can be a bit scary, it is also liberating and freeing and a test of your strength and abilities. But most of all it is a learning experience for you and those you will coach. They will become your family where you celebrate success and lift each other up when things go differently. Together you will grow and learn and most people wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sharing ideas, getting a bit competitive, learning new techniques and most of all, having fun. Not to mention, making some good money too.

So instead of asking – why should I recruit in my direct sales business – ask Who can I help today – and embrace it. Helping others is a gift.

What is holding You back?

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