Do Games and Giveaways Build Your Direct Sales Business?

Sometimes I really have to wonder when I look at my expense line if games and giveaways are bringing an increase to my direct sales business. Well, the answer to this question can be yes or no. So lets take a look at how games and giveaways can benefit your business or how they can hurt your business.

The types of games we’re talking about here are the ones you play at your shows. For example, some consultants play games or offer giveaways at their shows for the person who drove the farthest, brought the most friends, is the oldest, youngest, married the longest, has the most kids, etc.

While those games are fun, do they really benefit your business? Do they increase sales or entice people to host a show or even more importantly, do they really encourage potential new recruits to join the business? Maybe – Maybe not.

Getting to the right answer is going to depend on your company; what product you’re selling and how you go about the games. For instance, if you sell skin care products, then giving product away to the person who is the oldest or someone who loves cosmetics may be a great way to gain a new customer. Choose gifts that are appropriate and something they will actually use; new colors for the season, Skin Care Products, cleansers, etc. are all great items.

Look for items that are different than what everyone else gets. If you do multiple parties a week, always try and have something a bit different at each. Some people like the idea of getting something that is rare and unique; something that everyone else doesn’t have. The idea is to think through what you’re giving away. Don’t give away something just to get rid of it!

Also, if you choose to give away a gift to the person who brings the most friends, make sure your hostess informs their friends of this before hand and it is on the invitations too. This is a great way to get more people to a show. Also, make the gift worthwhile. You want the guest to really want it so they will truly work for it.

Some companies encourage their consultants to give gifts to people as an enticement to get them to listen to the business opportunity. While this can be a good idea, it can also be a bad idea. Again, think through who you are trying to recruit. You are looking to recruit people who really love the product; those who are interested in making more money or those who are looking to start a new career and who are motivated and excited. In other words, don’t give your business away in gifts to just anyone who is simply looking for free product only.

Be choosy about who you’re giving your product to and what you’re giving away. Games and giveaways can help your business when they are well thought out, targeted to a specific audience and used appropriately. Keep in mind; freebies can hurt your business if you’re just giving away for the sake of having something to give.

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