New to Direct Sales? Here is Help for Booking Your First 6 Parties

The agreement is signed and your starter kit is paid for. You’re pumped about starting a new career in the company that sells your favorite direct sales products! Now it’s time to book your first shows. Whoa, wait, what? I don’t even have my kit yet. How am I supposed to sell something if I don’t have my kit?

If that sounds like you, don’t worry, I have some helpful tips for you for getting your first shows booked, so no need to panic.

Even though you don’t have your kit yet, the sooner you get those shows booked the better. You want your excitement to shine through to those that you talk to today. Sit down and start a list of everyone you know. Make a long list of everyone you talk you, everywhere you go, whenever you go grocery shopping or running errands. Start calling them, one by one.

Start with the easiest person first, the one you know will say yes because they love and support all your efforts. This is probably your best friend, a sister or maybe even a cousin. Be natural and real with them. Don’t feel like you have to “sell” them something. Once you’ve finished your first call, say your goodbyes and move on to the next call. Keep it professional as possible and try and accommodate their schedule as well as your own

There are of course different scenarios that will play out. You may get a yes or the person you call may be too busy or have another reason for saying no. If that happens, simply move on to the next person on your list. Always be polite and professional. You never want to be rude to them because they may change their mind and have a show for you in the future. Treat everyone you talk to as a potential customer. Anyone that you cannot reach, follow up with again.

If you do not get 6 bookings from your phone calling, do not panic! You still have parties that are booked so the goal is to get bookings from every show. Some companies give incentives for getting at least 2 bookings from each show and that is a good goal to set. So how do you do that?

Most direct sales companies offer incentives like discounts and/or free product for being a hostess. That is usually the main reason people will book a show, so talk about it throughout your shows. If you are displaying or presenting a product that is also a hostess gift, be sure to let your guests know. If the hostess gifts are in the catalog, be sure you direct them to that page and point out what they can win or get them for free.

When you are talking at your parties or to people on the street, get in the habit of offering free product for booking and holding your shows. Most people nowadays expect to be asked. Some will be armed with a rejection right away, but don’t let that deter you. Carry on to the next person and the next.

Yes, you will get a lot of no’s in direct sales, but if you are confident of your product and know it’s the best around, then with some perseverance and determination, you will find the yes’s. The first 6 shows are probably the hardest to get, so once you do get them, remember to follow up, follow up, follow up. When you do, you will have fewer cancellations and more bookings and this will is the start of a successful direct sales business.

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