Working Your Sales Funnel in Direct Sales

Product sales are a major part of your home based business and direct sales business. Just because you you have a website or a booming offline business now does not mean that you can sit back and let it all run on it’s own. Things change in a flash!

Obviously there are a lot of lookie lou’s when it comes to sales. If your product is on the web, answer this… What is your Sales Conversion? That means, how many people come to your site before a purchase is made? 1%? 2%?

If you are getting decent traffic, but your sales are a ghost town, you need to look at growing that percentage pronto.

What Works for Conversion?

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If you are selling one on one, your conversion rate should be higher as your potential customer can see your product, feel it, etc. If your conversion rate is not great, what can you do?

See More People! Talk to More People!

I am sure that you have heard of a sales funnel. You all know that a funnel has a wide opening on the top and a very small one on the bottom. Your sales funnel needs to be filled on a continual basis for your conversion rate to change. You need to be talking to more and more people daily – feeding them into the “opening” of your sales funnel for them to come out at the bottom.

Set yourself a goal. Look at your conversions today and plan how many people you would need to talk to or reach, if you are online, in order to increase your conversions. The more conversions you make, the more income you make.

Then practice!

You can make a difference with in depth knowledge of your business and a plan.

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