Want to Know Your Customers Wants and Needs? Try an Online Survey

One great way to get your visitors opinions on your website, products, or services is through the use of an online survey. The online survey can be done via email or through the web using a link on your site. Using an online survey brings you many advantages as well as a few disadvantages. Let’s look at some information about surveys to see if it is a good fit for what you need.

The participation rate of online surveys will vary dramatically for each use. The average response rate is said to be around 30%, however, some people report results as low as 2% and some claim their results have been as high as 90%.

One huge plus is that online surveys are both easy to implement and cost effective. You also start receiving the results almost immediately after you set it up. This is a huge plus as you can start implementing any changes your visitors recommend right away. Note that your results can be skewed if someone fills out the survey more than one time which can happen.

To get a good response rate you can add your survey in a pop-up window as your visitor is leaving your website. Another tip is to keep your survey page in a similar format as your web page. This way your visitors will know the survey is from you and not a third party.

Make sure to keep your survey short, as many people will not take the time to answer a long survey. Ask only a few questions on each survey for the best response rate. If your first page looks short, people will be more likely to take the survey.

If you would like to further increase your chances of a high response rate, you can offer an incentive. Keep your incentive simple and easy to follow through with. Setting up a digital product as the incentive will easily allow it to be easily delivered and downloaded by your visitor. Be careful with this one though as people will reply for the free item only and they may or may not be familiar with your site or product.

One other option is to set the survey page up on your website and send the link of the page to your mailing list. This targets those that know about your business and are interested in helping you out as they are already a client or customer, or a potential one.

Using surveys is a great way to reach your clients and get their opinion on that they want and need so that you are able to better serve them. Keep it short, simple and sweet and you will get the information and the response you are looking for.

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