How to Overcome Recruit Objections and Get the Signature

Getting people to hold parties and shows for your direct sales business is not always easy, but compared to recruiting team members, many people feel that finding hosts is a piece of cake. Some people are naturally cold about joining a direct sales businesses. However, there are ways to get them to warm up to the idea and that is with the right answers to common objections that we often run across while talking to a potential recruit. Here are some common objections you may come across when interviewing a potential new recruit. How many do you recognize?

Too Expensive
“I don’t have the money to invest right now.” – The best way to respond to this is by asking when do they think they would be able to have the money and to offer saving suggestions so they can come up with the money. Some will companies offer payment plans where the money from the first 6 shows or less will go to pay off the kit. Maybe you have a big team and can afford to help offset the kit or offer your own payment plan. If your potential recruit is truthful and really is interested in joining the company, she’ll likely follow your suggestion and work toward gathering up the money somehow, someway.

Suggestions You Can Give for Saving Money to buy the Kit

• Get friends to do book parties and take the earnings towards the price of the kit.
• Get your 6 parties booked ahead of buying the kit and borrow a kit for the parties. Money earned will pay for the kit and you are in business
• Offer a bonus of free kit items for signing with you. Your recruit can buy the smaller kit and at least get going instead of waiting to try and earn the money

Encourage them by gently reminding them that they are starting a new business which takes time, effort and money. Also let the recruit know you are there to help her succeed.

I Hate Selling!
“I am not a good sales person.” – My favorite response to this one is, “Either am I.” That’s the honest to goodness truth. You don’t have to be a “sales” person to sell something you love and believe in. Hopefully you are approaching only people who truly love and believe in the product just like you do. Remind your potentials being themselves and remaining open and honest about their experience with the product is the best way to sell it. They don’t have to use any fancy sales talk, just be themselves. Always, always remind your recruit you’re there to help her succeed in her business.

Not Enough Time

“I don’t have time to start or run a business.” – How much time do you actually invest in your business? Did you start out part time and build it up to a full time career? Were you working another full time job when you started out and now are working your direct sales full time and your other job part time? Share with potential new recruit how you’ve gotten where you are today. I love breaking it down to hours per week and income. That is what this is all about

Don’t let objections stop you from pressing forward to reaching your goals. Give your honest impressions and answers to their objections. Offer helpful answers, hints and ways to actually sign on the line with you. You are there to help them succeed and if they are really interested in this business, they will find a way. If it doesn’t happen today, just make sure to follow up!

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