Create Sales by Creating The Relationship First

In a traditional Sales job, sales people learn rather quickly that chasing a sale is going to only get you hang ups or a wasted day of no income. Learning about your ideal customer, serving their needs and not yours and actually creating a relationship before you try and sell them something is going to get your further than any other method.

Most people want to do business with people they like. It is hard to like someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. However, if they feel that they are treated with kindness and feel that you are their friend or trusted adviser, they will feel that they have a relationship with you.

When you take the time to establish a relationship with a customer, you will notice that your customers become loyal to you. They will see you as the expert in your field. They wouldn’t think about doing business with anyone else. This goes for any one in any type of sales business, including direct sales home based businesses.

Establishing relationships with people will take time. They don’t develop overnight so patience is a virtue but it can work. Need some help? The following are a few tips on creating relationships with your customers.

Offer your sincere help: Your customers are coming to you for a reason; they need your product or service. Instead of acting like you are doing them a favor by providing that product or service, offer them your most sincere “thank you”, and make sure you offer them your help in a sincere manner. Help them with tips about your product use; recipes; design or cleaning tips; anything thst pertains to your business that is over and above the norm. Be helpful, not a hindrance.

Instead of thinking about the things you will get for helping them, think about the things that they can accomplish with your help. If someone is just looking for advice, give them the answers they need without expecting anything in return.

Let them see the real you: While it is important to present a professional image if you want to be taken seriously, but you don’t want to seem so professional that you intimidate your customers. Be friendly. Let them know that you are human and that you occasionally have a bad day or have a day where you wake up late, the kids are sick and the car was out of gas. You know, a typical day! If people can see that you are “one of them”, your likability and your chances of a sale go up.

Communicate: A key component of any relationship is communication. Keep your customers updated on a regular basis through your blog or website. If someone has recently purchased something from you and has a question or needs assistance, answer their email or better yet, pick up the phone and talk to them. That will go miles in your service abilities and in your customers eyes.

By implementing these types of practices into your business, you will see that your customers will feel appreciated and valued. They will also be more likely to send you referrals as they know how great you treat your customers. That is something we all need and appreciate in return.

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