Who Is the Ideal Sales Consultant? Have You Asked Oprah?

What makes a sales consultant great at what they do?

Some people come by sales naturally, while others learn the ropes through trial and error.

While anyone can become a decent sales consultant given the right mentoring and training, the ideal sales consultant contains a special oomph that is unique to their character. If you learn how to identify the traits that the ideal direct seller has you will build an amazing team.

Here is one thing to look for in all of your prospects – Willingness! That is the one single trait that guarantees success! Willingness to learn, willingness to participate in direct sales training and willingness to grow. Plus there are more great traits that will help your team be magical.

Direct Sales Recruiting And The independent Personality

A terrific trait of a great sales consultant is an independent personality.

In seeking individuals who pave their own way, whether they are immediately successful or not, a direct sales consultant who is innovative, able to think on their feet, and willing to learn new things is always a person of action and follow through.

Independence is crucial to a team’s overall success.

Quirkiness & The Direct Seller

A person who interacts with people in a truly unique way, whether it be a strange handshake, an odd laugh, or even a distinct accent can be vital to any sales team. The reason for this is the immediately defining factor of a certain individual that is hard to forget.

Think of Oprah’s booming voice and her characteristic sharp head bob when conversing with people. It’s easy to ‘brand’ a sales consultant to what they represent if they have a quirky trait that is special only to them.

Speaking of Oprah – now she would be the ideal direct sales consultant! Think about it…

She has lots of friends, is a great networker, understands what it means to work today get paid later! Wouldn’t it be great if we could sign her up!?

Direct Sales And The Brand NEWBIE!

Perhaps the best sales consultant is the person who has never been involved in sales before but who would love to learn. Newbies are clearly ready to be molded, open to all ideas, and not already exposed to various direct sales techniques. For the recruiter who wants a fresh team that follows a certain criteria, the fresh new face can be just what is needed.

A word of caution when choosing the newbie however is in knowing when they actually have what it takes to be a sales consultant. If within 2 weeks the newbie isn’t making suggestions or trying to use methods they have learned to fit their personality approach best, then perhaps sales isn’t what they are into, after all.

In the end, the basic cliche still stands when it comes to direct sales, you either have it or you don’t. If you don’t as long as you have the willingness you can learn it!

So, does the wanna-be consultant have the willingness to go to any lengths is the real question!

Many people have that willingness straight out of the gates, and can before long become the ideal sales consultant.

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